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Oilheat Information for New Jersey Homeowners

From Alpine to Alloway and Wantage to Wildwood, New Jersey, oilheat dealers have been keeping hundreds of thousands of homeowners comfortable and safe for decades. And with recent advancements in oilheat technology, as well as significant reformulation of oilheat itself, the future of oilheat in New Jersey has never been brighter.

Here is some important information that you may not be aware of:

The New Oilheat; Cleaner and More Efficient

Today’s oilheat is a far cry from what your parents or grandparents might be used to. While yesterday’s oilheat was a great option for home heating, today’s oilheat is a far superior choice. Here’s why:

  • Sulfur levels have been reduced dramatically, and ultra-low sulfur will soon be the norm.
  • Virtually every gallon of oil now includes biofuel, a renewable blend of oil from materials like sunflowers, soybeans and vegetables. This new fuel is called Bioheat®, which is made in America and requires no modification to your existing system.
  • Bioheat supports more efficient equipment, reduces emissions dramatically and eliminates the source of equipment breakdowns.
  • Today’s oilheat systems now boast efficiency ratings as high as 95%, providing more warmth with less fuel than ever before!

High Marks for Safety

Have you ever heard of a oilheat tank or oilheat system exploding? It can’t happen! Unlike other fuel sources in New Jersey, heating with oil is among the safest ways to heat your home warmly, comfortably and, most important, safely!

Not only is oilheat nonexplosive and among the safest heating fuels, but oilheat dealers in New Jersey (and members of the Fuel Merchants Association in particular) are committed to the highest standards of safety in everything that they do. Our service technicians are trained to handle any and all issues that arise with customers’ heating systems and tanks. And our delivery drivers are expert at delivering fuel in the safest manner.

Personal Service of the Highest Quality

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of local, family-owned and operated oilheat companies across the state. In a recent survey of New Jersey homeowners, the vast majority reported extremely high customer satisfaction levels with their oilheat company. Chances are, you’ve experienced this exceptional service if you’re a oilheat homeowner in New Jersey.

Comparable Prices with Greater Choices

Many homeowners don’t realize that oilheat is a very economical option compared with other heating fuels. In fact, in the 2014-2015 winter, oilheat prices fell by more than a dollar a gallon across the state, and the gap between oilheat and natural gas shrunk in a big way. In fact, over the last 30 heating seasons, New Jersey homeowners who heated with oil spent less than their neighbors who heated with natural gas.

Not only are oilheat prices competitive, but when you heat with oil in New Jersey, you have numerous pricing and payment options to choose from. Choices like budget programs, which allow you to spread your payments out throughout the year, or cap programs, which guarantee you’ll never pay more than a certain amount for your fuel, are just a few of the many options that New Jersey’s oilheat companies are happy to offer you.

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