About Us

The Voice of Oilheat in New Jersey

The Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey is the advocate for more than 600 petroleum marketers and industry suppliers doing business in the state. We represent our members at the nation’s capital, and anyplace where oilheat’s interests are at stake. One of our busiest arenas these days is the energy commodity marketplace, where we are working hand in hand with regional and state associations to bring volatile energy prices under control.

FMA also promotes the industry’s point of view with related industries. We work with real estate professionals, including home inspectors, to advance the value of oilheated properties. We also collaborate with the insurance industry to ensure that homeowners can secure affordable coverage for their oilheated homes.

Working closely with our peer organizations is critical when it comes to marketing. Whether it’s the National Oilheat Research Alliance or the Energy Marketers of America, we forge bonds that help to amplify the voice of oilheat in New Jersey and in Washington, D.C.

We also encourage communication and cooperation within our own ranks.

The Fuel Merchants Association was founded in 1933, and we’ll be here for years to come, representing oilheat wherever and whenever your interests are at stake.

Benefits of Membership

The fortunes of our industry rise and fall in direct response to government decisions, and FMA is a powerful voice for you in the state and beyond.

When you join the FMA, you have a representative who monitors legislative developments at all levels – from local to federal. Foremost among the services we provide is our Government Affairs and Legislative program, which represents the industry point of view in the state legislative and regulatory processes. FMA also represents marketers on the local and municipal level and works with our national trade association, the Petroleum Marketers Association of America, on federal issues. Through our active membership, FMA’s grassroots efforts have generated proven results.

FMA also furnishes technical assistance to our members and offers educational programs for all levels of the industry. FMA’s Education Committee works diligently to promote participation in the National Oilheat Technician Certification Program.

Group health and life insurance programs: FMA members are eligible to participate in group health and life insurance programs administered by Association Master Trust at competitive market prices. AMT currently contracts with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.J. to provide members with one of the largest physician and hospital networks both in N.J. and nationwide. Matched with an extensive list of medical plan options, unparalleled service and very competitive rates, the plan is recognized as one of the most important benefits of FMA membership.

For over 90 years, FMA has offered New Jersey’s petroleum marketers the means to confront and overcome the many challenges and opportunities we continually encounter.

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